Get Your Gear

There are a variety of points where I’ll say you need some basic kitchen items. I’m linking the items I’ve liked the best.

First things first, if you’re subscribed to the recipe postcards, you’re going to need to store them somewhere. I like these bamboo boxes, available on Amazon. If you’d like a personalized one, please contact me.

A sturdy Dutch oven. We received this one in Spice Red as a wedding present (thank you Lynch family!) and I’m a big fan. It’s nice and heavy and can go from the stovetop to the oven and back again. I also like that it’s nowhere near the Le Creuset price point and it comes in so many colors. It’s pretty easy to clean, but if you find that there is something that makes the enamel look funny, Bar Keepers Friend will get it clean in seconds.

And on that cast iron note, we use our cast iron skillet weekly. Ours is in Provencial Blue! If you’re a little freaked out about cleaning food off of cast iron, the Lodge makes great plastic scrapers, but we use what amounts to a piece of stainless steel chain mail. You can also use half of a lemon and some large grain kosher salt to get in there and get your skillet clean. So many options!

A small but mighty food processor. When most people think of food processors, they think of rather large things that are capable of shredding, chopping, mixing, and launching small satellites into orbit. This is not that. This is a mini food processor that has two settings: chop and grind. This is great for making sauces, salsas, hummus, and whipped goat cheese. I’m a big fan because it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t take up much cupboard space.

A lunch crockpot to reheat your delicious creations without using the stinky office microwave. You can just plug this bad boy in on your desk when you come in, or wait until an hour before you eat and let it work its magic. The interior container is dishwasher safe. And again, you don’t have to use the stinky office microwave.

A new chef’s knife. Realistically, you don’t need many knives. But you do need a good chef’s knife. I recently purchased this when it went on sale on Cyber Monday and I’m obsessed. It has enough heft to it that it puts some weight behind your cuts, and keeps its edge. It’s a great investment in your cooking.

A great kitchen primer. This book covers the basics like different styles of cutting/chopping and how to rehydrate and cook dry beans.



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